>Akshay Venkatesh-The Delhi Born Mathematician Wins The Nobel Prize For Mathematics
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Akshay Venkatesh-The Delhi Born Mathematician Wins The Nobel Prize For Mathematics

akshay venkateshYou all won’t be agree with this fact, but yes, that’s true, Mathematics is one of the most interesting subjects. Mathematics is a part of our life. Mathematics is almost everywhere in our surroundings. Here is a story of an Indian Australian mathematician, for him, Mathematics is his life.

A noble prize winner of mathematics, Akshay Venkatesh. According to a theory, in a period of time, as the age develops or a person becomes old, the brain’s neural pathways become less reactive over the duration of time. But Akshay Venkatesh is an exceptional case here. Akshay Venkatesh was only 2 years old when his parents along with him shifted from Delhi to Perth in Australia.


Akshay Venkatesh, the Indian Australian mathematician was only 13 years old when he joined for bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Western Australia. The Indian Australian mathematician won many medals in maths Olympiads in between completing his bachelor’s degree at the age of 16.


The Indian Australian mathematician completed his PhD from the Princeton University when he was only 20 years old. At MIT, Akshay Venkatesh completed his post-doctoral degree. At Clay Mathematics Institute, Akshay was under Clay Research Fellowship. Within a few months, Akshay Venkatesh will be transferred to the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton from Stanford where Akshay Venkatesh is currently a professor. Akshay Venkatesh is now 36 years old.

The Indian Australian mathematician won many awards like The Infosys Prize, The Ramanujam Prize and the Ostrowski. But his biggest Achievement in the field of mathematics is by achieving Nobel. The nominal cash award is only CAD $15000, the Nobel prize was created by John Charles a Canadian Mathematician in 1936 which is handed only to a mathematician under the age of 40.


Indian Australian mathematician’s mother Svetha Venkatesh is a professor of computer science at Deakin University and has expertise in bid data analysis. Akshay Venkatesh considered that his PhD thesis is not up to his standards and he thought to come out from pure and brief mathematics to machine learning.


In collaboration with other mathematicians, Akshay Venkatesh began producing important papers, although his confidence was a bit low at that time, ultimately it all gave him important information and experiences. Thus, he evolved his talent. Akshay Venkatesh believes that mathematics is a pure entertainment for him. As he was a very excited learner from the beginning.


According to the college roommates and professors, the Indian Australian mathematician was talented and had calibres of solving complex topics other than mathematics also. Akshay Venkatesh solved the complex topics by analyzing, self-teaching and swiftly developing insights. These experiences can be applied to other branches of mathematics.


Akshay’s field is combined tying the four different branches of mathematics which is a synthesis of analytic number theory, homogeneous dynamics, topology, and representation theory. The easy way of explaining this is that Akshay analysis these combined techniques to study chaotic system.


The Indian Australian mathematician’s earlier work was to analyse the famously unsolved riddles which are the Riemann Hypothesis that is L-functions-variations of the notorious Zeta Function. In his current study, Akshay is doing “speculative work” according to him what he says. Speculative work is the Langland’s Programming relationship between shapes seen in the number theory, for example, x^2+y^2 =1 gives a circle.


The Indian Australian mathematician is married to Sarah Paden, a musicologist. The couple has two daughters. In an interview, Akshay Venkatesh said, it was a lot harder to physically tie up their hair than to do a mathematical analysis of pigtails. Over the years the Indian Australian mathematician has evolved himself more by analyzing and discovering new theories by his love and devotion for mathematics, who says that Mathematics is a youngster’s thing. Akshay Venkatesh is a great mathematician.

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