>Anita Dongre- Born with Ultimate Talent

Anita Dongre- Born with Ultimate Talent

Fashion is something which changes constantly. In today’s era, being according to fashion is a status symbol. Your outfits tell a lot about your personality. Being fashionable with designer clothes can enhance your persona. There are several designers in India who have given a new definition to Indian fashion. Many celebrities are also fond of designer outfits by reputed and established designers.

In the world of fashion designing, Anita Dongre is a huge name and need no introduction. Anita Dongre fashion designer started her career with only two sewing machines in the year 1990 from opening the first Anita Dongre brands store in south Mumbai’s Crossroads mall in 1999 and by opening Anita Dongre brands store outside the country in New York’s Soho in 2017. The house of Anita Dongre Is built with hardiness and adaptability.



In almost two decades Anita Dongre has brands in her domain are Anita Dongre Grassroot, Anita Dongre Global Desi and Anita Dongre bridal couture and Pret including Pink city jadau jewellery. Each individual Anita Dongre brand has its own identity.

Anita Dongre‘s childhood was spent in Rajasthan. Anita Dongre was inspired by traditional Rajasthani wears and started her journey. The very famous label Anita Dongre Grassroot basically to promote craft from various parts of the country and create fashion for young women. Anita Dongre Grassroot first store was opened in US. Grassroot has customers in Africa and Middle East.


Anita Dongre brands create western wear which are affordable for Indian buyers. Anita Dongre Global Desi creates rich heritage and vibrant colours, prints and textures. Anita Dongre bridal fine jewellery is bridal line collection.

Anita Dongre said in a statement that “The little things that stand out is to be taken seriously by everyone at work. It took determination, hard work and absolute faith in my vision to keep moving ahead, amidst the challenge”. Anita Dongre also stated that “We have certainly learned patience as far as Grassroot and slow fashion is concerned”.

Anita Dongre brands are also very popular among celebrities. Anita Dongre fashion designer has raised the level of fashion very high in India. Some people are born with ultimate talent and she is one of them. One must learn from the hard work and success story of Anita Dongre fashion designer.

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