>Chanda Kochhar: Inspiration Starts Here

Chanda Kochhar: Inspiration Starts Here


It is rightly said that “Success is the result of hard work, loyalty, perfection, persistence and learning from failure.” Chanda Kochhar is the best example for this quote. She is an inspiration for women. Chanda Kochhar is managing director and CEO of ICICI Bank. Being the ICICI CEO, she has played a very important role in shaping and developing retail banking sector of India. Chanda Kochhar is actually a ‘2017 Power Woman’. Chanda Kochhar had featured on the Forbes’s list of ‘World’s 100 Most Powerful Women’. She got 32 rank on the list which made her an inspiration for women.


In 1984, Chanda Kochhar joined ICICI as a trainee of management. She showed remarkable performance and hard work. That is why, Chanda Kochhar was promoted for the assistant general manager’s post and after that for the post of deputy general manager. In 1996, a group was established by ICICI bank, for which they choose Chanda Kochhar as group’s head. This group was an Infrastructure Industry group which work was to tap transportation, telecom and power industry.

With her commendable performance, she was appointed as general manager. At that time, Chanda Kochhar was handling business and relations with bank’s top 200 clients. Under her fearless leadership of Chanda Kochhar, ICICI bank has flourished and enhanced over the years. She was continuously climbing the ladder of success. And there comes the golden moment of her life in 2009, when Chanda Kochhar became the managing director and CEO of ICICI bank. For her fearless leadership, Chanda Kochhar won uncountable awards and also got a chance to be featured in many business magazines.


Although, the success story of fearless leadership by Chanda Kochhar cannot be defined in words. But below is the list of some awards she got, after which she became an inspiration for women.

  • In 2005, Economic Times awarded Chanda Kochhar as ‘Business Woman of the year’.
  • In 2006, Retail Banker International for Global Awards, awarded her ‘Rising Star Award’.
  • In 2010, CNBC TV18 awarded Chanda Kochhar ‘Outstanding Woman Business Leader of the Year’ award’.
  • In 2011, Chanda Kochhar was conferred with  India’s third highest civilian award, Padma Bhushan.

The achievements and awards of ICICI CEO Chanda Kochhar, are innumerable. Being a 2017 Power Woman, she is a living inspiration for the women of today. Chanda Kochhar’s visionary ideologues and fearless leadership, made her to create a mark in corporate world.

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