>Etsy In India: Focussing On Handicrafts

Etsy In India: Focussing On Handicrafts

Etsy is a very famous e-commerce brand. Etsy is the result of passion, hard work, and spirit of many entrepreneurs. Recently, Etsy has recently announced its entry in India.

Etsy was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York. With Etsy, there are about 2 million Entrepreneurs who are connected and the good thing about this is that from those 2 million Entrepreneurs, 87% are women. Around the globe, there are estimated 35 million buyers from every country. In 2017, Etsy generated a gross merchandise sale of $3.5 billion.


Etsy deals in handmade and vintage items such as art, photography, jewellery, clothing, food, beauty and bath products, quilts, knick-knacks, and toys for children. Etsy has more than 50 million items across it’s portfolio. Etsy-India has setup a newly formed team based in New Delhi. According to Etsy-India the newly formed team in India will focus on developing new relation with Indian extensive manufacturing community to sell their products globally. Etsy-India provide support to sellers community by selling their unique and state-of-the-art product world wide. More than 65000 items are on Etsy from sellers of India.

As per Himanshu Wardhan, the managing Director for Etsy -India, “Etsy is powered by the spirit and passion of millions of creative entrepreneurs and we’re excited to now have a team in India to support the existing community here and help more creative entrepreneurs in the region to share their work with the world through Etsy,”Etsy-India is developing a platform for mobilisation of the creative awareness and creative community to auxlilates sales.


Etsy-India’s platform will provide services to the sellers such as free listing and incentives and provide support to new seller online and offline. Etsy -India hard-working in the right way.

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