>Myntra-Leading and Always Will

Myntra-Leading and Always Will

Myntra is a well-known name in fashion retailer industry. Myntra has become the leader of fashion e-commerce market.Myntra is continuously focusing on strategy of omnichannels.The thing which is interesting about Myntra these days, that Myntra has acquired Pretr , a Mumbai-based retail’s omnichannel platform. Myntra’s acquisition of Pretr will forge their omnichannels partnerships with several brands on its platform. Deal’s terms were not disclosed.


The main aim behind this acquisition by Myntra is to provide complete solutions to retailers so that they can increase their journey of omnichannel. In 2016, Pretr was founded by Ankur Joshi andBhavikJhaveri. The omnichannel suite of Pretr is located at the retailers of Middle East and India. It provides solutions as ‘countless paths’ to retailers. It also provides management of order and analytics of store.


As Myntra is entering in the next phase of growth, so its key priority is ‘Omnichannel’. Acquisition of Pretr can help Myntra to strengthenits footmark in this segment. Myntra’s customers are going to have a combined view online of the inventory of brand. Customerswill also be able to utilize many value-added services like click and collect, delivery on same day and exchange or return facility on all the stores of brand.

Because of above services, Brand’s sales will be increasing. Brands will be able to provide the best customer experience and improve utilisation of inventory. ‘Omnichannel’ can be described as giving the view of inventory and customer which can bring the online and offline world to customers. It also brings the online convenience and a great offline experience.

By the Myntra’s acquisition of Pretr, Myntra will be a leader because of thepartnershipswith 50 brands in coming year. Myntra will be able to provide the differentiated and unique experience to the customers via brand’s private offline stores.

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