>7 Ways to Wear The Versatile Crop Top

7 Ways to Wear The Versatile Crop Top

‘Back in Fashion’, you must have heard this statement once in a while. But what does that mean? This means that Fashion of something can never be gone for forever. It comes again and again after few years. Fashion has been always attractive to all of us. If you talk about women, most of them can’t imagine their life without fashion and new trends. Outfits of women show their standards of living.


Good news is that Crop Top trend is back in fashion.Crop tops were very popular in 90s. Some trendsetters like Britney Spears and Spice girls rocked the fashion world with this style. No one knows where the fashion of crop tops suddenly went in 2000s. But now, Crop Top trend is back in fashion and now with many new styles. Those tops which are short enough to bare the navel, midriff or waist are known as crop tops. Crop tops, crop top dresses and crop blouse are for everyone. There are million ways to style crop tops. Crop tops is suitable to all body types.


Many high street brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Phillip Lim etc., are also offering a wide range of crop tops, crop top dresses and crop blouse. Their collection includes cold shoulder crop tops, cropped shirts, turtlenecks, anti-fit versions etc. Crop tops or Crop blouse can be commonly seen wearing with Indian wear like dhoti pants, sarees, and lehengas. Crop tops, crop top dresses and crop blouse can bring the contemporary and traditional look. Crop tops are very comfortable yet stylish. These revealing crop tops, crop top dresses and crop blouse can enhance your persona with a sexy look.

Thank god, that crop top trend is back in fashion, we again got the chance of looking fashionable with crop tops. Although, crop tops can be worn with multiple styles, but the following tips are the best way to wear crop tops, crop top dresses and crop blouse.


  • Crop tops paired with denim skirt: Crop tops with maxi, midi or denimskirts are considered very stylish and modish. A crop top, a denim skirt and a beautiful neckpiece is thee perfect look for a weekend plan. So, plan your weekend now to show off your most fashionable look


  • Crop tops paired with Palazzos: With Palazzos, crop tops look very elegant and beautiful. It can bring a fun-loving look to your personality. Whether it’s a plain palazzo or printed palazzo, crop tops are the best for them. For a party or event, you can definitely go for a chiffon crop top and silk palazzo of heavy look.


  • Crop blouse paired with Saree: Want to attend an event or party with immediate ready blouse? Well, it can be possible with your plain black or white crop top or any other color matching to your saree. Crop blouse is very much in trend these days which brings traditional look with a trendy touch.


  • Crop Tops paired with shorts: You don’t have to think twice for this perfect outfit, it will definitely go well with all your plans like a dinner with friends, a vacation on beach or a mall visit. Just match the shorts and crop tops and you are ready to rock.


  • Crop Tops paired with Long skirts: Those days are gone when women used to wear long skirts with T-shirts. Now, Crop tops have replaced T-shirts for long skirts. Off-shoulder crop top can be beautifully paired with long skirt. To add some more stars in your personality, you can use matching accessories too.


  • Crop tops paired with jeans: That’s what we call the perfect match. Crop tops with jeans is one of the most comfortable and cool outfits. Crop tops are fabulous that it can go with any type of jeans, whether it is flared, high waist, boot cut or mommy pants.


  • Crop tops paired with Lehengas: Lehengas with crop tops is actually a visual treat to eyes because these two together are awesome. Long ethnic skirts or lehengas both can look marvelous with crop tops.


So what are you waiting for? Crop top trend is back in fashion for you. Check out the beautiful variety of crop tops, crop blouse and crop top dresses and make your appearance impressive.

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