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winters healthy eating tips

5 Nutritional Tips For Winters – Reading Finger

Winter’s Healthy Eating: Improves Immunity

Winters are one of the most important seasons of our Earth’s nature. In winters, the temperature declines more in the night which results in cold, flu and cough and the worst effect is weight gain. They all are the common problems in winters. Therefore, winters are very important for keeping the diet in check. Healthy eating is very important for a well nourished body.

A healthy diet does not guarantee prevention from illness caused by winters, but ultimately assists the immune system to work efficiently and protects the body by speeding up the recovery process of the body. Here are some of the best healthy eating diet for winters listed below.

Choose the right vegetables according to the season

Choosing the right vegetables according to the season is very important because some veggies are available exclusively in winters which will not be available in any other seasons. A casserole can be prepared with vegetables or a good vegetables soup can also be enjoyed which is not onlytasty but healthy too and keep the body warm. Veggies like carrots, sweet potato, potatoes can be meshed and combined with pie, slow roasted meat. It will not only be a good healthy diet but will also boost immune system.

Healthy breakfast diet

A healthy breakfast is very important. Mostly people have busy schedules and are stressed all day because of work. People often wake up late in the morning and skip breakfast to get that extra nap. But it’s not good for health as it is the major reason behind weight gain. A healthy breakfast with provided essential nutrients to the body is very necessary. A healthy breakfast like Porridge oats along with low fat or skimmed milk is a great way to start the day. To make it more delicious raisins, banana, dried apricots, plums poached with cinnamon can be added.

Another way to make it delicious is by adding seeds and nuts or crunches like hazelnut, walnuts and pears and even pumpkin seeds and apricots can also be added.

Soups are always better

Think about winters and first thing that comes in our mind is soup. Soups are the Supreme of the nutritious foods for winters. A soup bowl of fresh vegetables along with legumes, lean chicken and even beef will provide good amount of nutrients and keep the body warm as well. The best thing about soups is that it has high amount of fibre but low in calories that definitely helps the body to feel full for longer duration. Soup is a healthy diet that can be freezed if made in large quantity and had it later whenever needed.

Water is essential even in winters

As we know water is very important in summers but it’s equally important in winters as well. Water keeps the body hydrated to function properly. Always feed the body with water after some intervals. A fresh lime or lemon slices can be added in water by holding it at room temperature or even tea with some herbs will be a great and healthy drink.

Always watch your portion size

In winters our body’s natural metabolism becomes slow. Therefore, it is always necessary to watch your position size and have proper eating routine and habits. Spend some time with family members on the dining table; switch off the television which helps in avoiding to much eating. A carrot and beetroot chips are some of the delicious and healthy options in urge of snack while watching television. This will be a healthy snacking by providing nutrients and without feeling guilty of eating too much.

These are some of the healthy diet opinions for winter which provides ample nutrition to the body and helps the body’s immune system to fight against infections caused by winter season. So, this winter try these options and stay healthy.

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