>6 Powerful Indian Foods to Keep You Nourished in Winters
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6 Powerful Indian Foods to Keep You Nourished in Winters

Nutrition in winters: Power of Healthy Food

Every season is important for cycle of nature to keep it balanced. Winter season is also one of those seasons which is very important for ecosystem of our planet. But in winters, the metabolism of our body slows down. The energy conversions and the heat slows down because of metabolism.There are some Indian foods which are considered to be very healthy in winters and keeps the metabolism in check. Some of the winter foods are:

  • Nuts and Dried fruits

In the morning, many of us have habits to have cereals with warm milk which keeps us full of energy all the day.

Nuts like almonds, pistachios and walnuts can be added to our breakfast to keep the body warm. These nuts have other health benefits and are rich in proteins, healthy fats and antioxidants. Apricots, figs and raisins can be added in the warm milk with porridge (Dalia) or cereals and even in oats as well. These dry fruits are one of the best winter foods.

  • Spices

Indian foods are famous for their rich flavours of spices. Spices such as Mustang, asafoetida (Heeng), black pepper and Cumin seeds not only enhance the flavour of the food but also keep the body in shape. Black pepper is very healthy for cold and flu which is a common health problem in winters. Soups such as chicken and vegetable soups help in fighting cold and flu. Seasoning of spices like pepper helps in opening of the nasal passages. Adding fenugreek in your chapattis in lunch and dinner will not only keep the metabolism healthy but will also keep your body warm.

  • Ginger and holy basil

Holy basil is also called tulsi. Tulsi is a natural medicine for many health related diseases. Tulsi has anti viral, anti biotic and anti bacterial properties that keeps the body healthy and fights from cold and flu. Ginger also has many health benefits and keeps us warm in winter. Tulsi and ginger tea are very healthy drinks for winters. For throat issues, ginger is very beneficial.

  • Pulses and whole grain cereals

For winters, the best Indian food is the roti (chapatti) which is included with whole grain cereals such as Pearl Milllet (Bajra), Finger Millet (Ragi), Maize (Makai), Barley (Jai) and Millet (Jowar). A whole grains roti with pickles is one of the best combinations of winter foods. Pulses are highly rich in protein and other nutrients. Pulses like Moong Dal is not only can be cooked as a Daal but can also be cooked as a desert called moong halwa.

  • Clarified butter or Desi Ghee

A lot of misconceptions are there about desi ghee, like it is bad for health. Desi ghee is rich in good fats that eliminate bad fats from the body. Ghee consumed in right amount which is about 15 grams a day will always keep your body in shape and helps keeping the metabolism healthy. Desi ghee is even good for skin health and keeps the body warm in winters. Ghee is one of the best Indian foods for winters.

  • Green leafy and root vegetables

Green Leafy and root vegetables have high amount of Vitamin c and carotene. Green Leafy vegetables boost immunity of the body and keep the body warm in winters. A vegetables soupnot only provides warmth feeling but also keeps the body in well shape.

All these Indian foods are best for winters which are there to enhance the metabolism but keep the body warm and in shape.

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