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beetroot health benefits

Beetroot Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Amazing Nutritional and Health Benefits of Beetroot 

Beetroot is commonly known as Beet in many parts of the world. The taproot portion of the beet plant is called beetroot. There are several health benefits of beetroot that is why its demand is growing rapidly as the superfood.

Beetroot juice benefits include lowering the blood pressure, improves the athletic performance and increase the blood flow in the body. Beetroot can be consumed as raw or with different dishes in combination with other foods. However, these day beetroot is popularly consumed via drinks and juices.

Beetroot and table root are both among the same sugar beet family, but nutritionally and genetically different from each other. Sugar beet is commonly used to extract sugar. From beetroot, sugar cannot be obtained as it is golden or red in colour.

As it is known that eating fruits and vegetables promotes the body’s growth in a healthier way. According to many studies, there are many health benefits of beetroot such as reduces the risk of obesity, effective for diabetes, lower the risk of heart-related issues, increases the metabolism and lessens the weight.

Beetroot juice benefits in heart health and blood pressure

In the year 2008, a study was published on hypertension which revealed that people who consumed beetroot juice and beetroot had significantly lower Blood pressure. Benefits of drinking beetroot juice daily were found by the researchers that nitrate present in the beetroot lowers the risk of heart-related problems, lowers the blood pressure and treat cardiovascular diseases effectively.

A study was also conducted in the year 2010 which states that beetroot juice benefits in treating the cardiovascular issues and lowers the blood pressure. So, it has been declared by many researchers that there are many benefits of drinking beetroot juice daily.

Slow Down the Progression of Dementia

Wake Forest University, researchers found that the progression of dementia can be slowed down in the adult by drinking beetroot juice daily. The benefits of drinking beetroot juice daily results in the improvements of oxygen levels in the brain.

As per the director of the Wake Forest’s Translation Science Centre, Daniel Kim Shapiro, as the age progresses, blood flow to certain parts of the brain decreases that progress in dementia. Beetroot juice benefits in improving blood flow to the brain. Which therefore increases the oxygenation to the parts of the brain which are lacking because beetroot has nitrate? A high nitrate diet improves the blood flow to the body parts.

Reduce the Impact of Diabetes

Beetroot has an antioxidant called alpha lipoic acid which intensifies insulin sensitivity and intersects oxidative stress changes in patients suffering from diabetes. According to the studies, symptoms of peripheral neuropathy decreases because of alpha lipoic acid.

Cover Digestion and regularity

Health benefits of beetroot cover Digestion and regularity as beetroot and beetroot juice contains high fibre which promotes digestion and prevents constipation.

Helps in Reducing Inflammation

Drinking beetroot and Carrot juice (Health Benefits of Carrot) daily results in reducing inflammation because of choline content in beetroot and beetroot juice. Choline promotes muscle movement, sleep, learning and sharpens the memory but the most important thing that it promotes in maintaining cell membrane structure. The feller membrane structure helps in nerve impulses transmission and also absorbs fats.

Workout and Athletic Performance

Benefits of drinking beetroot juice daily are that it helps in daily workouts and athletics. Beetroot juice incorporates to improve muscle oxygenation during workouts and heavy physical exercise. To enhance long-term exercise tolerance dietary intake is important. Beetroot juice ameliorates performance by up to 2.8 %.

Nutrition in beetroot

There are various nutrients in beetroot and beetroot juice such as

One cup of beetroot has

  • 58 calories
  • Carbohydrates of about 13 grams,
  • Sugar 9 grams
  • Fiber 4 grams.

Nutritional facts in beetroot juice (300 ml approximately)

  • Calories 44
  • Carbohydrates 11 grams
  • Fiber 1 grams
  • Sugar 8 grams
  • Protein 2 grams

The nutritional facts may vary in packed juices as it may contain high sugar content or other added nutrients.

Some other health benefits of beetroot are listed below.

  • Beetroot juice has 1% of daily requirement for Vitamin A.
  • Calcium content of about 2%
  • Vitamin C 11%
  • Iron 6%

The antioxidants and vitamin C plays the major role in manufacturing collagen and few neurotransmitters. The essential part of the haemoglobin is the iron. Haemoglobin transfers oxygen from lungs to tissues in the body. Iron deficiency leads to Anaemia. Beetroot juice benefits in healthy skin and hair as it has folate. For healthy metabolism, folate is very necessary. During pregnancy, as the studies suggest, folic acid intake is important. Folic acid promotes healthy birth weight and prevents heart defects

Manganese is also present in beetroot bit in only trace amounts but manganese deficiency leads to weakness, seizures, bone malformation and infertility. Beetroot or beetroot juice also contains vitamin B-6, thiamine, riboflavin, zinc, copper phosphorus and selenium.


Beetroot can be consumed by various ways like steamed, roasted, boiled or even raw.

Health benefits of apple and Beetroot together are miraculous All you have to do is daily combin the beetroot juice with fresh oranges, pineapple, mint, apples, lemon and ginger. Health benefits of beetroot can also be availed by preparing a salad. A sliced pickled beetroot along with goat cheese can be a good combo as a salad. The best one is to slice a raw beetroot sprinkle some chilli powder along with lemon juice.

Beetroot juice and beetroot are very healthy and are the best sources of nutrients which are required for daily intake. There many health benefits of beetroot which other few foods may not have.


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