>Amazing Health Benefits of Superfood Flax Seeds
Benefits of Flax Seeds

Amazing Health Benefits of Superfood Flax Seeds

To be fit is the most important thing in our fast life. People don’t get much time to take care of themselves these days because of the hectic schedules. There are many health foods available which are very beneficial for us. Flaxseeds are one of them. Flaxseeds are the most common food which has many health benefits and rich in antioxidants. Flaxseeds are commonly cultivated in cooler countries. Flaxseeds are highly beneficial in reducing heart diseases, strokes, cancer and diabetes. Flaxseeds have been cultivated since many centuries.


In Babylon around 3000, BC, flaxseeds were cultivated. King Charlemagne in 8th century passed a law in subject for consuming flaxseeds because it has many health benefits.


Flaxseeds are common ingredients found in many foods around the globe like in frozen waffles to oatmeal, crackersand many more. It is an amazing fact that nearly more than 300 new products are launched based on Flaxseedsbecause of its health benefits, in Canada and US in 2010 which were generated by Flax Council. Agricultural demand has also grown other than that of consumer demand over the years. High-levels of omega 3 fatty acids present in the flaxseeds have raised its demand in poultry farm for feeding chicken which lay eggs.

The three main nutrient components which can be found in flaxseeds are:

  • Fibre:

Flaxseeds have rich fibre content which are insoluble and soluble types that helps in digestion.


  • Essential Omega 3 fatty acids :

Omega 3 fatty acids are good fats and very good for heart’s health. About 1.8 grams of omega 3 fatty acids are present in nearly one tablespoon of flaxseeds.


  • Lignans:

About 80 to 800 times more lignans are resent in flaxseeds in comparison to other plant foods. It has massive amount of antioxidants and plant estrogens.


Flaxseeds have many health benefits some of them are listed below:


  • Flaxseeds prevent cancer-

The Flaxseeds council of Canada’s director of health and nutrition, Mr Kelly C.Fitzpatrick states that Flaxseeds are highly beneficial in prevention from colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Ala and Omega 3 fatty acid prevents the growth of tumoursaccording to an animal based study. Antioxidants fight against free radicals and lignans are highly beneficial in fighting against cancer. Lignans blocks the enzymes that are sensitive to hormones metabolism and interfere in tumour growth.


  • Flaxseeds are good for heart

Flaxseeds have numerous health benefits for heart .The omega 3 fatty acidscontrols the blood pressure. Lignans helps in reduction of atherosclerotic plaque build up by up to 70% in the arteries according to recent studies. Flaxseeds help in depletion of LDL which is also known as bad cholesterol and is very harmful for heart’s health causing strokes. Flaxseeds are also beneficial for menopause. Women after consuming about 4 table spoons of flaxseeds in the morning for about one year showed significant depletion levels of LDL.


  • Flaxseeds help fight against diabetes.

According to a research, daily consumption of flaxseeds controls the sugar levels in the body especially in type 2 diabetes.


  • Inflammation.

According to Fitzpatrick, two components in Flaxseeds, ALA and lignans can reduce inflammation with some diseases such as Parkinson’s diseases and asthma. It also helps in preventing release of some pro inflammatory agents. In humans, ALA decreases inflammatory reactions. Flaxseeds can be mixed with juice or yogurt and can be taken two times a day by cut their flashes half.

Flaxseeds have many other health benefits too. Flaxseeds are better than flax oil according to some experts. According to the Flax Council of Canada about 1 to 2 tablespoons of Flaxseeds should be consumed daily.


  • Tips for buying Flaxseeds.

Flaxseeds when eaten, stays undigested in the intestinal tract thus it results in full nutrients from Flaxseeds therefore it can grinded before consuming. In your daily diet flaxseeds can be added in oatmeal, muffins, smoothies, soup, and yogurt and in many more meals. Thus it can become a habit in your diet. Flaxseeds should be kept in cool and dry place for best results as the outer shell appears to keep fatty acids safe inside and can be stored at room temperature. Flaxseeds have many health benefits with all essential nutrients thus making it the best health food.

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