>8 Impressive Health Benefits of Super Grain Quinoa

8 Impressive Health Benefits of Super Grain Quinoa

In today’s stressful life it is not possible for us to take care of our health and to have complete nutrients in our diet. However, the super grain like Quinoa which is a health food is packed with proteins, fibres, and nutrients and provides good health. Quinoa is a Pseudo cereal. In the early times, in the Inca Empire, Quinoa was one of the most important cultivating crops. Quinoa is known as super grain because it has nutrients like high amount of complete protein with all amino acids just like the animal protein. Quinoa has decent amount of fibre which has major health benefits. Quinoa is perfect pack of health food.


Some of the health benefits of Quinoa are listed below:

  • Quinoa is the health food for weight loss.

Quinoa is an excellent source of health food for weight loss. It’s impossible for us to be fit or loose weight in today’s hectic schedules. So, we must have perfect health food which can burn fat and can provide nutrients at the same time. Quinoa is the most beneficial super grain that can be your ideal breakfast to provide you with proteins, fibres and many other nutrients to keep you active and energetic through out the day. That is why Quinoa is a best food for weight loss.


  • Quinoa is good for heart’s health.

Quinoa has fibre which assists in digestion, keep the blood sugar balanced and eliminate LDL (low-density lipoprotein) which is very unhealthy. Quinoa also decreases the cholesterol levels and keeps the blood pressure in check. Quinoa which us well-known as a super grain, is also the heart friendly grain.


  • Quinoa is a great health food for diabetes.

In the recent years, a study has revealed that protein from plants decreases the risk of diabetes. Plant protein decreases the weight and keeps the energy levels of body high. In glycaemic index, Quinoa is considered on low scale. A proper eating routine is required for people suffering from diabetes. Quinoa keeps the insulin in check and helps controlling blood sugar levels. Thus, it provides energy in your body until the next meal. Quinoa can be a good breakfast.


  • Quinoa is good for hairs.

Because of unhealthy eating lifestyle, people are suffering from hair problems such as hair fall, thinner hair and many more. All these problems are because of poor nutrition, especially protein.The health benefits of Quinoa also includes good hair growth and health. Quinoa as we know has healthy amount of fibre and is the complete protein with all essential amino acids. The protein in Quinoa is even better than animal protein.

  • Quinoa health benefits for younger looking skin.

Wrinkles on skin occur by Aging. Quinoa, the super grain is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C which rejuvenates the skin and fights from free radicals. It keeps the skin hydrated because it has good fats.


  • Quinoa is good for people with gluten intolerance

A survey was conducted that one third people in US are tying to avoid gluten. Foods that are naturally gluten free are healthy gluten free diet because mostly the gluten free foods are made from refined starches.As said, a gluten free junk food is still called as junk food. Quinoa is anatural substitute to ingredients which are gluten free like potato, corn refined tapioca and rice flour. Quinoa adds antioxidants and nutrients in the diet. It is also among the health benefits of Quinoa.


  • Quinoa is rich in magnesium and Iron.

It is very important for humans to consume nutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Quinoa provides around 30% RDA in 185 grand which is approx. one cup of Quinoa. Quinoa is high in minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium. However, magnesium is in good quantities compared to the other three. Quinoa also contains phytic acid which reduces the absorbsion of these four minerals by binding them together. But it can be solved by soaking the Quinoa in water before cooking. This will reduce the effect of Phytic acid.


  • Quinoa reduces the risk of kidneys stone.

Quinoa reduces the risk of kidneys stones because it has decent amount of Oxalates. Oxalates helps in absorption of excessive calcium in our body which lowers the risk of formation of kidney stones.Quinoa can be prepared easily in 20 minutes by simply putting 2 cups around 50 ml of water in a container by turning the flame on. Just add 170 grams that is approximately 1 cup of Quinoa. And add salt according to taste then boil it for 15-20 minutes and your Health food is ready.

Quinoa is no doubt a super grain with so many health benefits. Quinoa is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, complete proteins which has all essentials of amino acids, minerals as iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium.

Quinoa is a health food and completed package of nutrients. No other food can provide all these health benefits. So, have Quinoa and stay fit.

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