>11 Things That Every backbencher Can Relate To

11 Things That Every backbencher Can Relate To

Classrooms have held innumerable memories for us. We use to go through several types of people – but the most intriguing ones of the lot were the backbenchers. Everyone would wonder what these last bench kids did, and why the teachers were always suspicious of them. Being a backbencher myself, I think it’s because they couldn’t handle the awesomeness that we, the last benchers, brought to the class.

The following points will resonate with all the former members of the Back Bencher’s Club.

1. You instinctively occupied the back, even if the front seats were vacant.


As soon as you enter the class, all you see is the back benches as your battle ground and run towards it like the military soldiers.

2. All the teachers collectively thought you were the naughty ones of the lot.


Backbenches have always made a negative image of their owners in front of their mentors.

3. You would secretly listen to music at the back.


Music has always been a priority and a better interest in classes than the boring lectures.

4. You were considered one of the coolest by the classmates.


These guys from the last benches were always taken a coolest and the bravest ones of class. They were like the saviors of the class.

5. You occupied the last seat even in the school bus.

busfor kids

When you love something , you love it very much just like the last benches. Therefore, classes were not only the limit, the same went over to the school bus also.

6. Cheating during exams was an adventure.


Cheating has been a tradition for the back ones. No professor can spot you copying at the back. What a convenient set up!

7. You would almost always work on another subject’s homework during a class


Homework was just a formality that was completed as per our own schedule.

8. You could shamelessly fall asleep because the teacher couldn’t see you.


You might have a comfortable bed back home but there is something refreshing about sleeping at the back of a classroom!

9. When a teacher asked you to sit on the first bench for the lecture, you felt remorseful


It felt like jail treatment as soon as you were told to hop over and sit in front.

10. The backbench area was your territory, and not everyone was allowed there.


You will always be in a group of five to six people. If you walk in a group, you surely will be called a ‘gang’.

11. You still don’t understand the point of sitting under the teacher’s nose.


Or in the next few rows that follow.

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