>Environmental Awareness Among Youth | Going Green

Environmental Awareness Among Youth | Going Green

As we all know that what our environment is going through. In a healthy environment only, we can live a healthy life. Our existence totally depends on the inter dependency’s long chain of other existence. In today’s world, our environment is suffering a big damage because of pollution’s effect. As the population of the world growing rapidly, use of energy is also increasing which has made extraordinary pressure on our earth and also on the environment. But now, it is the high time for us to take care of our environment otherwise we will have to face many things we don’t want to.

Environmental awareness is the most essential thing nowadays. Our youth has understood the value of a healthy environment so that they are participating effectively in the environmental awareness. Our youth has extra responsibility for the protection of our environment as they are going to live for an extended period. And it is not possible to live in this deteriorating environment with so many health hazards. Young people can actively engage in the forms of action to protect the environment.

It is rightly said that ‘Participation of youth starts only from home’. Children learn the lessons of power and water consumption, gardening, cleanliness and other things from home. Family or parents should introduce about the good habits to their children. So that they will get to know about the wise use of our natural resources like water, electricity etc. We must make our children more responsible towards the environment and its resources. Not only at home but kids can also learn about the sustainability and importance of environment at schools or universities. To increase the environmental awareness among youth, we must emphasis on education of the environment. To protect our future generations, it is important to take essential steps to save the environment otherwise they will have to bear radioactive wastes, biodiversity loss and resource’s depletion.

It is true that the youth of our country can play a major role in improving and protecting the environment and we must support them. Our schools, homes and other organisations can be made environment-friendly by the preservation of resources like electricity and water, adopting those practices which are environment-friendly and also by spreading environmental awareness. Youth can change the future of the country as they are considered as the backbone of a nation.

Have you ever heard the slogan “Go Green”? Well, it got popularity because of our deteriorating environment. This slogan is basically used to encourage people to be environment-friendly. Go Green generally indicates that we should be eco-friendly in nature and should do the less damage to the environment. Go Green promotes a green lifestyle which includes recycling; reducing and reusing. Go Green also encourage environmental awareness among youth. Our youth is getting greening knowledge by the slogan Go Green. Our youth is doing their bit to save the environment in the following ways:

  • Youth is helping to make their city, market, home, school etc., and greener.
  • Our youth is implementing many programs which can be recycled for old computers and any electrical appliances. This will make less harm to our environment.
  • They are engaged in Go Green Campaigns for the conservation and improvement of the environment.
  • Youngsters are actively participating in different movements of Go Green which includes disaster management, to stop deforestation and ill-treatment to animals.
  • Many youngsters are running NGO’s which are completely dedicated to protecting the environment.
  • Youth is coming with fresh ideas to preserve the environment and its resources.

Youngsters are more conscious about the environment than before. We must help them with their innovative ideas and which will be able to save the environment. We should trust the power of youth and encourage them.

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