>Huawei: Most Popular Flagship

Huawei: Most Popular Flagship

Huawei is the very famous name in smartphone industry.This Chinese mobile manufacturing company was founded in 1987 by Rent Zhengfei. Back then, they used to manufacture phone switches. But today, Huawei has now become the second largest phone vendor by surpassing the very famous Apple. By the popularity of its flagship P20 and sub Brands likeHonor India. They are just behind the Samsung. As per the firmcanalys  reports, Huawei has shipped 54 million handsets  and this ups by 41% year on year.Honor had two- third contribution to this sale. In this quarter only,  Huawei made a jump of massive 16 millions.

Despite by the drop of 8 %, the leader Samsung are still on the top with 73 millions shipments. On the third position, it’s the Apple with its iPhones and growing rate of 2%byear by year. According to canalys, Honor aided the sale by 36% for the Huawei smartphone company in this quarter.Honor has a good portfolio of smartphones and have strong grip in the e-commerce markets in south Asian countries.


With its P20 and P2pro, Huawei has shipped worldwide with 7 units in its flagship. P20 and P2pro have sold at a pace compared to its predecessors the p10 P10pro, thanks to the new choosers, triple camera and focused strongly on AI.

Huawei has achieved this spot because of Apple’s reduced sales in the first and second quarter sales. In the last 7 years this the first time in the first and second quarter. Huawei is now focusing on the market share increase in Asia and Europe. Huawei is hoping to sustain it’s growth rate with the brand’s like Honor and Nova.

India has also attributed the success of the company by creating new trendsetting innovations. With the R&D and constants innovations,Huawei and it’s brand Honor is looking forward to deliver excellent smartphone experience and services support not just in India but Globally also. With the brand like P20, Huawei will continue to dominate this position.

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