>Now Patanjali is bringing a SIM, Ramdev Baba, funny joke on social media
Patanjali SIM

Now Patanjali is bringing a SIM, Ramdev Baba, funny joke on social media

HARIDWAR: After becoming India’s most trusted Fast Moving Consumer Goods brand, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali on Sunday entered the telecom sector.

It is being said that with a SIM card, medical insurance of 2.5 lakhs and life insurance of 5 lakhs will also be available.

After bringing indigenous products, Baba Ramdev has now come down to try his hands in the telecom sector. On Sunday, he has launched indigenous SIM card in association with BSNL. According to the information, this SIM will be available only for the Patanjali employees at the beginning.

According to the report, consumers can make unlimited calls across the country for recharge of Rs 144 in SIM. Apart from this, 2 GB data and 100 SMS free will be available. Once the SIM packaged market has come, consumers will get a 10% discount on the things of Patanjali.

Patanjali 5G Sim Card

Let’s discuss Patanjali 5G Sim Card. When Reliance JIO was launched, it was an excellent start for them as they priced the SIM card for the almost free price tag which just required you to own a Samsung Smartphone. Another advantage they had is about the unlimited 4G internet which they were providing. One of the most important thing about the JIO was the retail network they had with the Reliance Digital brands.

One of the most explosive news in the tech industry is about the Patanjali stepping into the telecom industry where they will be banging with the Industry’s first 5G technology enabled SIM Card. Currently, we only have 4G smartphones, but soon the industry will change, and 5G enabled phones will come with a bang. Price is yet unknown but as it will be announced there will be a rush in the smartphone manufacturer to launch a good phone which has enabled the 5G network bands which are supported by different SIM Card Providers.

BSNL merge with Patanjali

Baba Ramdev in collaboration with BSNL will be launching the Patanjali 5G Sim Card where they will be pricing the sim exceptionally well. As we know JIO distributed the SIM for free hence they got a large customer base. BSNL being a government company will not be able to launch the SIM Card and spread for a 0 retail price, hence Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price will soon be revealed as BSNL and Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Company will get the deal completed.

Currently, as per the rumors, we are known that BSNL and Patanjali’s SIM will have a plan which will offer 2GB of Unlimited Data with calling facility. The catch here is about the Unlimited Data, as we know JIO provides the data at a deficient speed but BSNL and Patanjali will be offering the unlimited data at a reduced rate of 7 MBPS which comes under 3G Ratings. Hence we will be having 3G and 5G signals from BSNL while BSNL will be using its current 3G network, and will be increasing the range of the 5G network that they have to offer currently.

As it was done with JIO, during the testing period, the employees were only given the 4G speeds. Likewise, the BSNL – Patanjali tie-up will also result in both their employees using the SIM cards during testing, but the Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price will be revealed as soon as the trial of the sim cards begins. Another catch will be as per the rumors that there will also be a Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price that needs to be paid by the employees to use the same.

BSNL Patanjali’s Plan

The Chief General Manager Sunil Garg at BSNL does inform about the Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price, and also about the plans that we might expect as of now if all the things go well. According to the GM BSNL will be aggressive with their plans unlike the 3G plans they have on offer currently. There will be four basic plans which are going to be offered by BSNL. The first offer is going to be worth INR 144 which will give us free calling and 100 SMS per day along with 2GB of high-speed data daily. This plan will be the base plan which will be activated to the JIO Employees for testing of the network.

How to get Patanjali SIM Card?

Currently, the SIM Card will be available just for the Employees of BSNL and Patanjali, Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price is said to be announced soon for the Employees. Although at a later stage when the SIM card will be available for the public, we will have another Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price announced and then the customers will be able to go ahead and buy the SIM Card. Although there will be a included Medical and Life Insurance coverage with the SIM Card as the standard package which does mean we are going to have the pricing of the SIM card at a higher side so the government can take the premium of the insurance.


What is Advantage of Patanjali SIM?

This is an Indian sim card which will be given first to the staff only. At a later stage, the SIM Cards will be available for the public. This will enable the Indian society to get the higher speed of the internet much before any other country. This will do make India grow much faster. Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price will soon be announced which will begin the change of phase for the Indian Telecom Industry. The first phase was introduced by JIO while the second phase comes from India’s Government and Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali.

Patanjali SIM Card Details

According to Baba Ramdev, Patanjali SIM Card is a change of phase for Indian Telecom Industry. The goal of both the companies is to serve the country with better technology with which one can get benefited. The network will be providing standard data and call package and will also be bundling health and life insurance to the people. Also, it is clear that Insurance can only be claimed in case of a road accident.

What do you think about Patanjali 5G Sim Card Price and will you be delighted if the price of the SIM card is aggressive and we are going to get an excellent package from the government. Do let us know your views in the comment section.

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