>Very Soon Samsung Phones Could Be Coming With an in-display Front Facing Camera.
Samsung S10

Very Soon Samsung Phones Could Be Coming With an in-display Front Facing Camera.

While the size of notches are going smaller and smaller and some smartphone makers are going for mechanical sliders to house the front facing camera, one company is going to the next level. We are talking of course about Samsung and what massive innovation it plans to bring on its upcoming smartphones.

Samsung, as per a report by GSMArena, held a press conference on 18 October in Shenzen China called the ‘2018 OLED Forum’. In this conference, Samsung said that it is working on a new type of technology called as UPS which is said to integrate the front-facing camera and other kinds of sensors under the smartphone’s display.

This means that soon there would be no need for a notch or a mechanical slider on a smartphone to house the front-facing camera and other sensors. It may be the first true step to realising a bezel-less future on smartphones.

In any case, we are not going to see this technology being implemented on the upcoming Galaxy S10 or for any phone next year. Only a few prototypes have been tested with this technology and it is believed that it will not be used on any kind of commercial smartphone until 2020.

In news related to the Galaxy S10, Samsung responded to Google’s Pixel 3 ‘ask us anything’ thread with a snarky comment about the phone’s admittedly oversized notch.

Just because Samsung made fun of the Pixel’s notch doesn’t necessarily mean that the S10 won’t have a notch, but Samsung’s reaction at least makes that possibility highly unlikely.

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