>WhatsApp: Always Comes Up With Something New

WhatsApp: Always Comes Up With Something New

WhatsApp has changed our phone experience in the whole new way. Globally, WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp group Video call and WhatsApp group call which is now available on iOS and Android. This how you can also experience it.

WhatsApp group call and Group video call has already on iOS and Android. Previously this feature was seen on Android beta. According to WhatsApp, the calls are made always end to end participation. WhatsApp has designed this feature to work effectively in any network situations .

Participants can be added on WhatsApp group call and Group video call by the user who has started the call, he can add Up to three participants that means four people can communicate with each other. The icon of added participants will disappear when the user make a WhatsAppgroup video call. After once the call has been made and it gets connected,  ‘add participant ‘icon appears on the screen at the top right corner. To add participants, simply just click on the icon and add participants from your contact list. It is very simple and easy.


To make a WhatsApp group call, simply start a call with a friend and once the call is connected you will see an ‘add participant’ icon at top right corner on your screen. Click on the icon and the contract list will appear of WhatsApp users then add participants you wish to and experience the new WhatsApp group call. The icon will disappear as soon as you add the third participant.

There is a difference between WhatsApp group video call and Group call. In the group call, you will see the profile picture of all the participants except the person who started the call. In the WhatsApp video call, participants can been seen in the screen video feed. WhatsApp has always keep on updating its great app.

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