>Flux Auto- Defining New Technologies

Flux Auto- Defining New Technologies

India roads are known for its chaotic roads and unsafe driving. Global companies like Tesla and Google are constantly working on self driving cars, they are working harder from past many years but in India it is hard to believe about self driving cars. But yes, don’t get surprised, Flux Auto a company based on Autonomous vehicles, self driving trucks by Pranav Manupura and Abhishek Gupta in Bengaluru.

Flux auto’s co founder said that they are working on the self driving trucks just like Tesla, Uber and Google are doing out-side India. Flux auto had made Level 3 autonomy for trucks to be self driving truck.This autonomy need no driver or human control the drive, if the truck is on the highway. Flux auto is working on level 3 which does not mean driver assist system but it takes full command on the truck to became a self driving truck.


According to level 5, the self driving trucks will have no driver and no steering wheel and the one will itself make intelligent decisions like humans do. Flux auto is already working for this system for the truck manufacturing company and will provide driving kits for 60 vehicles.Flux auto said that it will take 18 to 24 months to reach level 4 once it roll out Level 3 device. Global companies are using Light Detection and Ranging (LDR)  technology for self driving vehicles in India. Flux auto has achieved this in only 10% cost of LDR and which is very commendable applause for Flux auto.

Flux auto said that the company is collecting data which is very useful because the data which is generated by 6 cameras on the vehicle 4, at the side one, at the back and one at the front of the vehicle helps self driving trucks programme. The driver is also less tired with this system as previously his driving schedule was only 10 hours but now it’s 16 hours. The other plus point is the accident ratio which has declined because computer and man efforts are used in this system. Flux auto will launch this tech loaded system Globally in the near future, once they get success in India.

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