>Arjun Santosh Kumar- A Mine of Intelligence and Innovation

Arjun Santosh Kumar- A Mine of Intelligence and Innovation

Have you ever heard the phrase that ‘Age is just a number’? 14 years old S. Arjun will make you believe in that. Mobile applications have transformed our day to day life in such a way that we are dependent on it for tasks like money transfer, railway ticket booking, online shopping and the list goes on and on. Letralogics is a technology company that develops mobile applications and the amazing person behind this, is the youngest CEO of our Country, Arjun Santosh Kumar who is just 14 years old.

14 years old is in teen age in which children are busy evolving new experiences of life but S.Arjun had evolved a company called Letralogics which he aims to make it bigger than Google. S.Arjun is in class lX from Velammal Vidyarthi School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. S.Arjun was among 20 children who were awarded the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement on 14th November on Children’s day by the President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

S.Arjun’s father Santhosh Kumar is  very happy and proud of his son for achieving this status at this small age. S.Arjun’s father reveals that S.Arjun learned programming at the age of two years and it’s amazing.


S.Arjun after launching Letralogics is now developing a Mobile application called ‘iRobot’ that will help the users in controlling Robots with their mobile phones. S.Arjun is also working on developing acommunity based application that will direct contact with order agency and the law and report then in case of any accident, incident or any Problems.S.Arjun was awarded  first prize in the ‘App Inventor Contest’in 2003 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his application called ‘Ez School Bus Locator’ which is free to download. Impressed by his innovations, countries like Costa Rica and Greece has invited him for the demands of developing a customised application to suit their environment which is surrounded by technology.


S.Arjun has also developed an application for women’s called iSafeGuard which is based on women safety. His father is the vice President of Lernnovators which is an e-learning company. S.Arjun also helps his father in Lernnovators by developing applications for company’s corporate Clientele. With the success of Letralogics, S.Arjun has a very promising career ahead with developing applications for the community and the society.

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